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Every lady loves the element of surprise, and when that comes from a fine selection of top end beauty products it’s even more welcome! Now is the time to embrace change and discover what’s out there….

A monthly gift box delivered to your door, packed full of surprises is the easiest and most convenient way to do this. Here at Planet Diva we don’t do generic, one size fits all beauty boxes. Each one is completely unique and offers a mix of both full and sample size products. The prices are also unbeatable, all part of our dedication to let every woman to look amazing and feel fabulous.


Women tend to form a habit with their beauty routines, and stick with the same products all the time. Beauty products are expensive, so experimentation can be very costly. Our aim is to empower women to embrace change, and we do this through our monthly beauty boxes. You will never receive the same box twice and if you spread the word to your friends you can get together and share the items between you. As no two boxes are ever the same this is a fantastic way of trying out new things, and there is every chance you will find items better suited to you than your old faithfuls.


Each box will contain not only big name brands but also products from smaller, niche cosmetic companies. You will receive both established and new products, often getting to try items out before they hit the shops. You will be excited about receiving your box every month to see which delights we have sent you this time, and that element of surprise never dissipates.

Planet Diva is also an ethical company and every bit of the packaging, from the bags to the boxes, is create from 100% recycled materials.

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Embrace change, discover your real self and enjoy a wonderful surprise every single month.